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CLEARWAY ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 08/14/2013
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Liquidity and Capital Resources
The Company's principal liquidity requirements are to finance current operations, fund capital expenditures, including acquisitions from time to time, and to service debt. Historically, the Company's predecessor operations were financed as part of NRG's integrated operations and largely relied on internally generated cash flows as well as corporate and/or project-level borrowings to satisfy its capital expenditure requirements.
Liquidity Position
As of June 30, 2013 and December 31, 2012, the Company's liquidity was approximately $84 million and $42 million, respectively, comprised of cash and restricted cash.
Management believes that the Company's liquidity position and cash flows from operations will be adequate to finance growth, operating and maintenance capital expenditures, to fund dividends to holders of the Company's Class A common stock and other liquidity commitments. Management continues to regularly monitor the Company's ability to finance the needs of its operating, financing and investing activity within the dictates of prudent balance sheet management.
Sources of Liquidity
The Company's principal sources of liquidity to include cash on hand, cash generated from operations, borrowings under new and existing financing arrangements and the issuance of additional equity securities as appropriate given market conditions. As described in Note 7, Long-term Debt, the Company's financing arrangements consist mainly of the project-level financings for its various assets.
On July 22, 2013, the Company issued 22,511,250 shares of Class A common stock in an initial public offering at a price of $22 per share, which resulted in net proceeds of $468 million, net of underwriting discounts. The Company used $395 million to acquire Class A units of NRG Yield LLC from NRG. The remaining $73 million was used to acquire Class A units of NRG Yield LLC directly from NRG Yield LLC. The $73 million will be retained at NRG Yield LLC for general corporate purposes.
In connection with the initial public offering of Class A common stock of NRG Yield, Inc., as further described in Note 1, Nature of Business, NRG Yield LLC and its direct wholly-owned subsidiary, NRG Yield Operating LLC entered into a senior secured revolving credit facility, which provides a revolving line of credit of $60 million. The NRG Yield revolving credit facility can be used for cash or for the issuance of letters of credit.
Uses of Liquidity
The Company's requirements for liquidity and capital resources, other than for operating its facilities, are categorized as: (i) debt service obligations, as described more fully in Note 7, Long-term Debt; (ii) capital expenditures; and (iii) cash dividends to investors.
Capital Expenditures
The Company's capital spending program is focused on completing the construction of assets where construction is in process and maintaining the assets currently operating. The Company develops annual capital spending plans based on projected requirements for maintenance capital and completion of facilities under construction. For the six months ended June 30, 2013, the Company used approximately $182 million to fund capital expenditures, primarily related to the construction of its solar generating assets and Marsh Landing.
Cash Dividends to Investors
NRG Yield, Inc. intends to use the amount of cash that it receives from its distributions from NRG Yield LLC to pay quarterly dividends to the holders of its Class A common stock. NRG Yield LLC intends to distribute to its unit holders in the form of a quarterly distribution all of the cash available for distribution that is generated each quarter less reserves for the prudent conduct of the business, including among others, maintenance capital expenditures to maintain the operating capacity of the assets. Cash available for distribution is defined as earnings before income taxes, depreciation and amortization, excluding contract amortization, cash interest paid, income taxes paid, maintenance capital expenditures, investments in unconsolidated affiliates, growth capital expenditures, net of capital and debt funding, and principal amortization of indebtedness, and including cash distributions from unconsolidated affiliates.
NRG Yield, Inc. expects to declare and pay a dividend of $0.23 per Class A common share during the fourth quarter of 2013.