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03/01/1702/15/1703/15/17$0.260Cash, quarterly
12/01/1611/02/1612/15/16$0.250Cash, quarterly
09/01/1607/26/1609/15/16$0.240Cash, quarterly
06/01/1605/05/1606/15/16$0.230Cash, quarterly
03/01/1602/17/1603/15/16$0.225Cash, quarterly
12/01/1511/04/1512/15/15$0.215Cash, quarterly
09/01/1508/04/1509/15/15$0.210Cash, quarterly
06/01/1505/20/1506/15/15$0.200Cash, quarterly
03/02/1502/17/1503/16/15$0.195Cash, quarterly
12/01/1411/05/1412/15/14$0.188Cash, quarterly
09/02/1407/29/1409/15/14$0.183Cash, quarterly
06/02/1405/05/1406/16/14$0.175Cash, quarterly
03/03/1401/30/1403/17/14$0.165Cash, quarterly
12/02/1310/31/1312/16/13$0.115Cash, quarterly
*Dividends per common share have been retroactively adjusted to give effect to the stock split that occurred in connection with the recapitalization in May 2015.  Reflects dividends paid on the Class A common stock since the initial public offering in July 2013 and on the Class C common stock since the recapitalization in May 2015.
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